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May 2016

Work in 2016

During 2016, the Partnership is focussing attention on Low Emission Planning Guidance, working with Local Authority Partners on provision of supplementary guidance materials and emission assessment methodologies. Contact us for more information or if you are interested in being involved.

February 2015

Programme Outputs

The 2013-15 work programme came to an end in February 2015. The programme was the third in a series, dating back to 2008 and the start of the Partnership itself. The outputs are listed on our Tools and Resources Page and include the Low Emission Hub, Planning Guidance, development of methodologies for Emissions Assessment, major planning case studies, review and research work.

The outputs were reviewed with the Partnership Board at a meeting in February. The Board is currently working to consider future plans and opportunities.

November 2014

Gary Mahoney

The Partnership mourns the passing of Gary Mahoney this November with great sadness. He will be hugely missed. Gary was at the centre of the Partnership: As Regional Champion for Sefton and Merseyside, as Deputy Chair 2009-2014, and Chair from July 2014.

The Partnership is still coming to terms with his loss, both personally and in relation to his work with us. In the near term, Simon Newcombe (Mid Devon) will be covering the Board Exec roles on his own. This arrangement is for a brief period, as the current programme comes shortly to an end. A full review meeting is planned for February 2015. This will be an opportunity for all of the Board to comment on the outcomes of the current programme and to agree any future plans, including with regards management and executive roles.

January 2014

Launch of the Low Emission Hub

The Low Emission Partnership has launched a FREE online resource to guide best practice for reducing transport emissions. The Low Emission Hub is a central information resource for Low Emission Strategies (LES) interventions and impacts. It includes an extensive searchable database of case studies from across the UK. Local authorities can also develop and upload their own case studies.

The intention is that local authorities and other policy makers will use the Hub to share their experiences of successful emission reduction strategies.

The Hub will enable wider dissemination of all UK low emission related work, including that undertaken by the Partnership since its inception in 2008. It will also facilitate a more dynamic style of collaborative working into the future.

Visit to search, browse and view the existing case studies. Register as a user to upload your own case studies and comment on others.

December 2013

New Reports

Three new reports have been published on the Partnership Website. We would welcome feedback on these, as well as any suggestions for follow up.

May 2013

The LES Partnership Air Quality Action Plan 2013-14

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May 2013

Development of Low Emission Hub begins

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May 2013

New version of the Low Emission Toolkit planed for early summer

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May 2013

Lease a Nissan Leaf: Low Carbon London Electric Vehicle Project

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May 2013

AGM and Free afternoon event: Exploring partnership and innovation in air quality action planning

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March 2013

Green Sphere Recruiting an LES Consultant

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