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About us

Partnership Aims

The LES Partnership seeks to reduce transport emissions by accelerating the deployment and penetration of low emission transport fuels and technologies in the UK. We do this by supporting local authorities in adopting and implementing low emission policies, strategies and measures. Wherever possible we pursue joined up action, which targets both toxic air pollutants and greenhouse gases together. We view technology solutions as a vital component of an integrated shift towards more sustainable transport and travel.

The aims of the partnership are to:

  1. raise awareness and understanding of Low Emission Strategies amongst local authorities, policy makers and opinion formers,
  2. support and encourage local authorities in adopting Low Emission Strategies, by providing engaging case studies;
  3. work with those already implementing LES, both to support them and to encourage dissemination of their knowledge and experience;
  4. provide tools and resources which allow local authorities to assess their current position, and to develop an appropriate action plan to move forwards;
  5. facilitate dialogue between local authorities and central government to allow optimization of related national policy and guidance, and to feed learning from the partnership into policy thinking.

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