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Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells has merged their Climate Change and Air Quality staff into a single team so to provide an integrated approach to emissions management which can more effectively tackle both these issues.

Karin described her experiences in introducing low emission strategies to Tunbridge Wells. She provided an overview of the Borough, as regards its transport links and air quality issues. Karin highlighted the high levels of car ownership and congestion within the main town and the key A-roads. Regarding planning-based low emission strategies, the Council has managed to secure contributions for air quality monitoring and action planning through section 106 agreements. The recession has put some of the development on hold, which provides a good time to develop and refine planning policies. They are working on a draft Supplementary Planning Document for Low Emission Strategies, but are currently struggling with the assessment of emissions from developments. Karin highlighted the potential role that the LES Partnership’s Low Emission Toolkit could play in assisting with this. She would like to maintain the links with the Partnership through the peer group, or the Low Emission Forum because she feels that there is a lot value in networking with likeminded professionals. They have found the publication of the LES / Defra Guidance to be a very useful step in discussions with planners. The next challenge is to engage with transport planners, potentially using the links between transport, air quality and climate change.

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