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LES in action

Leeds / York

York and Leeds City Councils are working to roll out Low Emission Strategies across the Leeds City Region, with a comprehensive strategy planned for York and a range of initiatives encouraging alternatively fuelled vehicles.

Vehicle demo day in LeedsLeeds City Region

The Leeds City Region group, led by Leeds and York City Councils, are establishing the Low Emission Strategies (LES) approach in Yorkshire. Their ambitious programme includes putting in place a LES for York, implementing low emission vehicle technologies and vehicle emission research.

A Low Emission Strategy for York

York City Council is developing an overarching LES for the City, which will provide a coherent plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. The strategy will include a package of measures, including using the planning process to mitigate emissions from new developments and supporting the uptake of low emission vehicles. Work to develop the strategy was approved by the Council Executive in June 2010, and consultation will take place during 2011. Liz Bates (City of York Council) gave a presentation to the Low Emission Forum (31/01/11) on the process to develop the LES for York.

Planning Guidance

The group is pushing forward with efforts to widen the uptake of LES amongst local authorities in the City Region. A key part of this is assisting local authorities in developing Supplementary Planning Documents based on a national LES template. A workshop was held in Leeds which brought authorities and stakeholders together to discuss the key issues.

Low Emission Vehicles

Initiatives are also underway to stimulate the uptake of low emission vehicles. In York, First Group plc are trialling three hybrid buses alongside a fully electric bus. Leeds City Council has been trialling bio-methane fuelled refuse collection vehicles, and has won funding for permanent bio-methane refuelling infrastructure. A demonstration day to promote alternatively fuelled vehicles was held in Leeds in October 2010, which attracted a large number of participants and was very well received.

Although a Yorkshire and Humberside Plugged in Places bid was not successful, it highlighted the need for electric vehicle infrastructure at a regional level and improved networking opportunities. The Plugged in Places steering group is continuing to meet and other possible funding sources are now being examined.

Improving techniques for monitoring and modelling vehicle emissions

Funding has been obtained from Defra to support further in-use emissions monitoring within the Yorkshire region and development of a regional database of in-use vehicle emissions. Monitoring will commence in Spring 2011 in conjunction with the Institute of Transport Studies in Leeds. Modelling of current fleet and hybrid bus emissions are being undertaken in York to support LES development and help make the case for hybrid technology.


RGI project plan - PDF Document (10kb)

Contact details

Low Emission Strategies Partnership

[email protected]

Regional Champion - Liz Bates, City of York Council

[email protected]

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