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In Sussex, the Regional Group has focussed on planning policy and implementing LES at new development sites. In parallel, the group is working with partners on a regional electric vehicle charging network.

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The Sussex group is integrating Low Emissions Strategies (LES) into planning policy through a range of policy measures. Practical outcomes include a community car club in Lewes and the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the region.

Developing planning policy

The combined impact of emissions from new developments contributes to poor air quality and increases greenhouse gases. Currently, air quality assessment addresses only those developments deemed to have a ‘significant’ impact on air quality. However, site-based Low Emission Strategies can help minimise emissions from all developments. The Sussex Regional Group identified a need to include ‘policy hooks’ within the relevant planning frameworks to support the implementation of Low Emission Strategies. A core aim of the group is the inclusion of strong policy statements on climate change and air quality within LDFs.

A regional SPD template is being developed for Sussex based on guidance from the LES partnership, and best practice examples from other authorities. SPDs will be used to provide guidance for planning based low emission strategies, which could support initiatives like car clubs and electric vehicle infrastructure. As part of this work a workshop was held with the Royal Town Planning Institute in December 2010.

Linking planning gain to local initiatives

Alongside the policy work, the use of planning obligations to control emissions is being pioneered by Lewes District Council. "The Common Wheels Community Car Club" has been launched in Lewes, with finance from a developer secured through a section 106 agreement. Local authorities within the regional group are working with developers to agree further measures at new development sites.

South Coast Electric Charging Network

The group is working with partners to develop a regional electric vehicle charging network. Twenty spaces have been secured for electric vehicle charging points in West Sussex, six in Brighton and Hove and three in East Sussex. Plans are being made to extend the network into Hampshire and Surrey.


RGI project plan - PDF Document (10kb)

Contact details

Low Emission Strategies Partnership

[email protected]

Regional Champion - Nigel Jenkins, Sussex-Air / Lewes District Council

[email protected]

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