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April 2012

Low Emission Strategies Approach in Greater Manchester

Wigan Council and the LES Partnership are working together to assess the air quality and health benefits arising from emission reductions achieved through local transport measures in Wigan and the wider Greater Manchester city region.

The project will pilot the LES approach in the city region and explore its usefulness, practicability and integration potential with wider action planning processes. The project will provide a practical demonstration of how strategic air quality assessment can be integrated with practical action planning driven and monitored primarily by mass emission reductions. It will also explore the strengths / weaknesses and opportunities / threats associated with this approach, when compared to a ‘traditional’ (i.e. concentration led) LAQM action plan.

This project can help to develop ideas for improvements that will help LAs to utilise the LES approach to make a real difference to air quality and health outcomes in the United Kingdom.

October 2011

LES and DefraEmissions, Concentrations and
a National Approach

Wigan Council and the LES Partnership have been given initial approval for award funding from Defra to assess the air quality and health benefits arising from emission reductions achieved through local transport measures. The project will build on previous work by the LES Partnership and LG Regulation and seek to establish a process for local authorities to assess air quality/health outcomes from projected emission reductions. The work will draw upon other local case studies supported by the Defra Air Quality Grant. It will form part of a broader approach as the LES Partnership and Defra are working closely to explore ways of streamlining tools and on-line resources.

Wigan Local Development Framework - Development and Air Quality Supplementary Planning DocumentSecuring Emission Reductions in Wigan

Wigan Council has been continuing to apply the requirements of their adopted 'Development and Air Quality' Supplementary Planning Document.

Recent approved developments (including offices, a quarry and supermarkets) have secured emission reductions through, BREEAM standards, cycle and pedestrian infrastructure and facilities, travel plans, bus services, construction emission reduction measures and agreements for contribution funding for Air Quality Action Plan measures. The Council is also currently carrying out a public consultation on transport issues, visit for more information. The adoption of a new transport strategy for the Borough, together with an action plan, will help to prioritise resources and influence decisions to secure transport improvements through to 2026. Air quality and climate change are important factors within the consultation documents and will form key components of the final strategy document. This new document, together with the adopted SPD will result in a more co-ordinated approach to tackling local transport based air quality/emission issues across the borough.

For more information, contact Paul Cartmell at Wigan Council.


LES Case for Action Final Report - PDF Document (639kb)

Wigan LDF - Development and Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document - PDF Document (1.9mb)

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Low Emission Strategies Partnership

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Senior Environmental Health Officer - Paul Cartmell, Wigan Council

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